3 Fatal Mistakes SEO-Obsessed Webmasters Often Commit!

Attempting to rank high in search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo is really a good thing; however, trying too extreme things, following black hat SEO, obsessed content marketing are some bad practices that you need to avoid.

It looks like every reputation management, marketing, and search blog has grown to be concentrating on one aspect, which is content marketing. After Google’s latest update, the SEO success has been very closely linked with user-centered, craft compelling content. SEO professionals and blog owners have become obsessed with finding quick strategies for content creation and marketing. Instead of doing it the right away, by contributing guest posts and sending out Press Releases, folks often resort to short-cuts unfortunately.

guest posts

Knowing what not to do is also important. Here are some of the most common mistakes that obsessed content marketers make, which can help you avoid certain potholes and pitfalls.

Keyword Stuffing

After spending enough time in searching the right keyword or phrase for the website, many people use the same keyword in each and every line in the article. Yes, it is true that you need to rank top in Google, but stuffing keyword in every paragraph or 20 times in 500 word post, isn’t going to help you in any way. There is high chance of your site getting flagged by Google for over-using the keyword, and your website may get a Panda-slap within no time; so don’t commit that deadly mistake and repent later on!

keyword stuffing

Avoid the Thin Content

Content is king, and you need to maintain the quality at all costs; you should ensure that every post is unique, and adds value to the readers. You might research lot of low competition keywords, and create appropriate content once and luckily get good rankings too. But, what is the use of repeating the process for same keyword over and again? 

Avoid the Thin Content

Offering repetitive, thin affiliate quality content can harm your site a lot. Like the way you treat every customer special, you need to create valuable, unique, and fresh piece of content every time. The content should be valuable enough to attract more audiences, expanding your business.

Get Social!

To get most of out of it, you need to share or promote on blogs and social media networks. Contributing guest posts on the top blogs in your website’s niche is the best approach to obtain natural links, and gain credibility in eyes of thousands of real readers.

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