How to Realize If You Have Chosen the Wrong SEO Agency?

Just the way having good healthy food is important for your well being, right SEO plays a vital role in deciding your business’s well being. If you go wrong with the selection of your SEO firm, then the consequences can be disastrous for your company. Some of the companies have also suffered to such an extent that their sites had been completely wiped out of the search engine results. With such disastrous results, you would not like to create a bad name in the industry just because of wrong SEO practices. So, here are some basic pointers.

Wrong SEO Agency

Check Their Approach

The first question that you need to ask your SEO consultant is whether they can bring your companies ranking to the top spot instantly (or within 2-3 weeks)! If they say yes, then there is no need of any other question. You may just make a decision to NOT to employ that firm. It’s one of the worst promises SEO firms make, which nobody can actually fulfil, except Google itself! Remember, no one can ever guarantee such a thing. They can have control just over your SEO and not everyone else’s rankings, so assuring on such ground proves that they are professional, and might try some shady black-hat stuff to get the job done by hook or by crook.

SEO consultant

Ensure Compliance with Webmaster Guidelines

Webmaster guidelines must be adhered to, at all costs. These are guidelines are given by search engines themselves, and they includes all the best practices and techniques to optimize your site. Adhering to these guidelines is highly crucial for long term success.Someone who is going against these instructions can suffer severe consequences and such site may even be banned from search engines.

Webmaster Guidelines

Find Out Their Action Plan

Try to know their plan of action for standardizing your website. If they are unable to share their techniques, then definitely there is a problem and you should immediately step away from such people. Nothing can keep a SEO expert away from disclosing their techniques till they are not using any unethical and unhealthy practices. Most of such fraud firms make inappropriate and irrelevant use of keywords just to boost up the rankings momentarily, rather than adopting the best practices like guest blogging. And, you must be wary of such fraudsters.

guest blogging

Therefore, it’s imperative gain some knowledge about SEO and associated techniques so that you can make a better judgement while employing a SEO firm for your handling your company’s digital marketing campaign.

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