Insight into the Changing Landscape of Organic Search

With the changing landscape, search engine optimization has witnessed a significant move in dynamics. The increase in inbound marketing, content marketing agencies and reduced affiliates on natural search landscape have been some of the most noteworthy changes over the past couple of years.

content marketing agencies

Evolution of Modern SEO Industry

The organic search method has changed in many ways and it still continues to evolve every day, broadening the description of what organic search and SEO comprises of. The updates that Google made to its SERP represent systematic and effective guidelines for webmasters trying to deal with the new SEO methods. Marketers are working hard to maintain and gain high positions in organic search results. Webmasters need to spend on paid search advertisement by knowing their target audience and making a solid plan to execute better campaigns and content marketing is the key to success these days.

Modern SEO Industry

Google’s algorithm is becoming even tougher for the average reader to crack out. Some small website owners are usually unsure as to which placements are natural or organic results and which are ads!

Paid Ads

Paid ads have been part of Google search results since time immemorial; however, over past few years, the paid search results are taking up a considerable portion. As the screen gets smaller, most of the natural results fall beneath the fold. Initially, there would be 6-9 natural results per page, but now the number has decreased.

Paid Ads

For search inquiries, the paid results in the main page eat up most of the space. There is extension now with paid ads, making them look prominent than ever.

On many occasions, the paid ads take up more than 60% of the space above the fold,while organic search results are almost minimal. Still, organic or natural results are important, as competition is fierce than before and there are very few spots above the fold!

Popularity of Guest Posting Concept

The concept of guest posting isn’t a new thing, but it has certainly gained immense popularity suddenly after the advent of Penguin algorithm. But, once again people are trying to find shortcuts and doing paid guest blogs posting, which isn’t the right way of doing it!

guest blogs posting

Altogether, these organic search landscape changes imply that SEO in terms of natural search is very much important, though one needs to adapt to the ever-changing updates. Active social media presence, great user experience, and well-designed website can mean happier customers and better businesses.

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