4 Dos and Don’ts in the Modern SEO Industry

The SEO field has expanded due to the endless usage of web. Whether used for personal or business promotion, it is a way to get better rankings and increase the visibility more and more with every passing day. Like all other industries, this also has both good and bad practices. Certain wrong methods can hamper the credibility of the site. Some of the mistakes that must be avoided to keep your website safe are mentioned herein, alongside a few things that you must focus on.

Modern SEO Industry

Focus on Producing Quality Contents

Content writing and optimization are not two different things; people often write articles for keywords, but in reality you should create content pieces without even thinking of the keywords, and then smartly integrate them. You need to give informative content and not just stuff the keywords to rank high in search engines.

Producing Quality Contents

Stay Away from Spam Comment Links

If you decide to pay for services that offer you link from websites through commenting, invest in only high quality services that offer high PR manual backlink building services, and not 100 links for $5. If you like some posts genuinely, comment and give some suggestions, linking back to your site, it is fine.

Spam Comment Links

Poorly Written Comments on Discussion Boards

If you comment on every possible site, then there is high chance of damaging your own brand, by declaring yourself as a spammer on the web! Moreover, if you hire someone to post on discussion boards on your behalf, you need to be very careful about quality.

When potential clients or users see those links connected with poorly written, spam comments, then it can badly hurt your online reputation as well!

Comments on Discussion Boards

Leveraging the Power of Guest Posting

Contributing guest posts on popular blogs in your website’s niche can be a great idea, and you can even get some quality contents by inviting guest contributions from other experts in your niche.

Even when it comes to finding the right bloggers to contribute guest posts on your blog, you must know how to approach bloggers the right way, otherwise you’d end up attracting the spam posters, and the quality of content would also go down, ultimately resulting in a Panda penalty.

In this modern SEO world, it is extremely important to follow the right tactics, and stay away from shady stuff to avoid a Google penalty!

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