How Is SEO Slowly Becoming A Bit Similar To Traditional Marketing?

Gone are the days when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was based on few link building strategies. Over the last one year, things have changed significantly and search engines are honest enough to reward high quality websites with good rankings in their result pages. The programs are intelligent enough to distinguish a good quality website from a spam. Today, SEO is more about site optimization for its visitors instead of search engines. SEO is slowly and steadily becoming strikingly similar to traditional marketing.


Days of Generating Bulk Links are Long Gone!

Earlier, websites focused on getting more links only to increase their Google page rankings instead of creating an excellent website for the visitors. The real secret to getting sustainable and stronger rankings is to develop a site with content that people will like and share the link with their friends. 

Generating Bulk Links

In fact, a few years ago, SEO was functioning in the dark corners where publishers could do anything to fetch more search engine traffic to their sites without affecting their brand.  For instance, they could post spam content and get the page ranked on top since no one even read it. But, things are getting clear now with Google enforcing its policies for bad and good links. Publishers are forced to consider SMART link building tactics such as high quality guest posting as an integral part of brand building and vice versa.

The Modern SEO World

SEO experts have to think like traditional marketers these days. Businesses develop a web marketing plan based on things they can do away with and don’t plan for a long-lasting strategy. Companies should be aware of the fact that just because search engines do not enforce one thing in particular, it does not imply that search engines overlook it.

Modern SEO World

Business and SEO experts focus more on outdated plans are shifting to a more conventional marketing approach. They begin by exterminating everything they thought they were aware of about ways to approach marketing and start in a totally different place.

The Bottom-Line

People should be aware of whether it is a good marketing tactic or a good link, not as an SEO firm but as a marketer. When you reach this spot in SEO, it means you are on the right track. So, forget the knowledge you had gained earlier and think of a fresh start. Though it may seem to be challenging, you can make the changeover if you are smart and ready to adapt to latest changes in Google’s algorithms.

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